Okanagan Region


Often overlooked, the Okanagan Region and its various stillwater options have been one of the valley's best kept secrets despite it’s growing population and popularity. With one of the most diverse ranges of terrain in Canada, anglers can find themselves chasing massive Fraser Valley rainbows in a desert oasis one day and then stalking stunning, enormous Brook Trout in the alpine the next.

The seemingly endless options of the Okanagan Region fisheries offer extremely rewarding days on the water when you’ve precisely dialed in what’s moving, what’s hatching but most importantly, what’s working. Numerous deep water lakes give anglers the options of a lower, slower approach producing amazingly powerful fish and long lasting fights.

Using an array of techniques ranging from stripping nymphs in the spring to dangling chironomids deep in the fall, our experienced Guide’s have their finger on the pulse of whatever will be the most effective and productive method on any given day. 

Experience the unmatched beauty of the Okanagan Valley while enjoying some of Canada’s best weather, best views, and best fishing. Interior Fly Fishing Co. is fully prepared to make your best day on the water only one cast away.