About Us


Our’s is a story that begins like most. A few friends, a few beers, sitting around a campfire on the edge of one of our favorite lakes wondering how we could do this for the rest of our lives. Of course it was no secret we’d be fishing until we were carried off the water in a pine box, but we began mulling the idea of this being just more than a passionate hobby. We wanted to do this, every, single, day. 

Watching bobbers drop and hearing line scream unfortunately does not heat the house or put food on the table. But what if we could offer a service that both encapsulates the pure, unbridled joy of fly fishing while simultaneously creating an unforgettable memory of an inspiring, or even experienced, angler? This was the vision that pinballed around our stillwater infested minds until it became ultimately clear what was happening next.

Long days in the shop, longer nights on the laptop. Trials and tribulations. You know the rest. 

With a mutual dream that most people would have chuckled at, we sit content, grinning ear to ear at the idea that we get to do this, every, single, day.

Interior Fly Fishing Co. is ready and able to make your best day on the water just one cast away.