What Makes Fly Fishing so Addicting?

What Makes Fly Fishing so Addicting?

I wish I had the results from some new scientific case study in which they studied what makes fly fishing something that we can't seem to get enough of.

But I don't.

I am simply sitting here wondering, what is the X-Factor that fly fishing has that puts it so high above every other activity in the world for some people. Why is it that I wake up in the morning thinking about fly fishing? Why is it that when I want to feel good, I recall a fond memory about fly fishing?

It is truly frightening sometimes.

Fly fishing has a way of bringing us into alignment, humbling us, and being a constant source of learning. There is not one species or method that is better than the other, there is no reason for fly fishermen to judge one another.

Psychologically, for me, is the constant draw of limitless ventures and results. One could not fish every location or catch every species in the span of ten lifetimes. Just when we think we have found the pinnacle, a new method or fishery comes along and raises the bar.

So, what is it that makes fly fishing such a loveable sport? Let me know.