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5 Fly Fishing Knots You Need to Know

Capitalize on your time at home to practice these simple fly fishing knots!

Knots can be nothing short of complicated! But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why, in the planning of the 90 Minute Fly Fisherman, we decided to list just 5 knots that will get you pretty much anywhere in the world, regardless of what species you’re chasing.

These five knots are the following:

  1. Improved Clinch Knot – This is a great knot for many applications in which you do not require the fly to swim, undulate or hang in a certain way. Mayfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, anything that can “plane” through the water column is a good fit for the improved clinch knot.
  2. Non-Slip Mono Loop – This is a spectacular knot for tying on patterns that are designed to either swim in an undulated manner or hang vertically in the water column. Leeches, streamers and chironomids would be examples of flies which demand the use of a loop knot.
  3. Double Surgeon’s Knot – This is a great knot for both creating a loop at the top of your leader (can also be substituted with a Perfection Loop for leader over 12lb test, the Perfection Loop is a “cutting knot” and doesn’t work quite as well for thinner leader/tippet). The beauty of this knot comes from its incredible simplicity and ability to tie even with cold hands and a rocking boat.
  4. Blood Knot/Improved Blood Knot – This is an excellent knot that can be used in place of the Double Surgeon’s if you are simply cutting out a wind knot from your leader. The “improved” version of this knot is used when there is a mis-match in leader or tippet diameters.
  5. Nail or Albright Knot – Both of these knots work, with the Albright being a slightly more durable choice if you’re only going to learn one. Take the time to learn these both with and without the use of a nail knot tool.

These 5 knots, and much more content designed to help you master the fundamentals of fly fishing are included in our upcoming course, ’90 Minute Fly Fisherman’.

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    clive massey
    | Reply

    FYI: the correct name for the none slip loop as you call it is, the duncan Loop

    • Jordan Oelrich
      Jordan Oelrich
      | Reply

      Hey Clive, thanks for the comment! The Duncan Loop/Grinner knot is actually slightly different from the loop knot that I use most often, but nonetheless they are almost identical and both excellent knots!

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