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Make Your Flies Indestructable

A very popular topic of messages or emails in the last few weeks has been what glue or resin is the best for coating flies?  A lot of this is personal preference, and here is mine.

Zap-a-Gap brushable super glue is, in my opinion, the end all be all glue for making your flies last.  I have tried just about every UV resin or glue in the fly tying world and have had a good experience with most, but I can’t say any were noticeably better than Zap-a-Gap.

Varnish or head cement might makes flies look nice upon application, but I haven’t found them to provide any lasting durability.  Zap-a-Gap is cheap (roughly $8) and has a very soft brush that won’t fray your threads.  Next time you’ve got an extra ten burning a hole in your wallet pick up a bottle of brushable Zap-a-Gap!

Before you get the wrong idea, this is absolutely not a paid post, I just think brushable Zap-a-Gap is a great product for making your flies last as long as possible!  To drop us a comment or message click right here.

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    Hey, I went to buy the zap a gap and then the shop owner was saying dont do it cuz it melts any plastic materials like if you wrap mylar ribbing or anything like that? Is it true that it will melt your plastic components?

    • Jordan Oelrich
      Jordan Oelrich
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      Hey Jonny,

      I have never had an issue personally with Zap-a-Gap melting flies. I regularly use mylar tinsel, flashabou, static bag, window film and crystal flash on chironomid pupa!

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