With the interior being such a diverse area for fly fishing (1,100 lakes in the Thompson region alone), choosing a fishery for the day can seem like a bit of a daunting task at first.  Luckily, we are always on the water and know which lakes are really fishing well at the time and which lakes aren’t worth the trip.

Lakes like Roche, Stump and Peterhope have made the Kamloops area notorious for huge triploid rainbow trout that love to eat small bugs.  We frequent these lakes heavily, but there are countless fisheries in the surrounding area that can provide adequate or better fishing without seeing as much fishing pressure.  Having a 17 foot boat allows us to be very mobile, get to the spots quickly and doesn’t create a claustrophobic environment.

Upon booking, we will send you a list of options in relation to what sort of an experience you are looking for.  Trophy rainbow trout do not come easy, so if that is your goal then we will work as hard as possible to materialize that goal for you.  On the other end of the scale, there are lots of lakes in the area that support large populations of rainbow trout and offer a good balance of size and numbers.