What is a Hosted Destination Fly Fishing Trip?
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What is a Hosted Destination Fly Fishing Trip?

Booking, travel and fishing logistics of a “hosted” fly fishing trip

Having the ability to assist anglers in traveling the world and discover new fisheries had been a life-long goal and dream of mine. Here is a full breakdown of a hosted trip!

How it Works

We work with a lodge that we have visited (or will be visiting before-hand to gain first-hand knowledge on the travel process and fishery) and reserve the entire lodge for a number of days; typically ranging from five to seven. From here, we put together a group of like-minded anglers that want to experience these destinations while having confidence in our prior knowledge.

Upon booking a destination trip, we send out a detailed information package that outlines everything one could possibly want to know regarding the trip. What the travel will look like, what rods to bring, what flies to tie or purchase prior, how much to tip your guides, what the cuisine is like, everything.

Aside from this, we are always available to answer any additional questions regarding the trip, even if it is 10pm on a Sunday night. Enjoyment comes from being able to remove any anxiety associated with booking a destination fly fishing trip, ensuring that realistic expectations regarding the fishing and the accommodations are set. We do not work with lodges that we wouldn’t willingly travel to ourselves.

Upon Arrival

Let’s use this past week in Belize as an example. Our group of five (plus myself being the “host”) landed on Ambergris Caye, Belize, checked into our hotel and went out for the best lobster burrito found on planet earth. We hopped around to a few different oceanside bars and restaurants, explored the wonderful town of San Pedro, and arrived at the lodge the following day.

We got everyone’s rods set up with appropriate flies and did a briefing on the week to come. We deciphered boat and guide pairings the night before each day of fishing, knowing the personalities and styles of each guide is imperative in making sure that they work in unison with anglers of different skill sets and experience levels.

From the outside in, it probably looks like being a travel host means that you just get to kick back and fish your heart out all week, which is far from the truth. The purpose of this trip is to ensure others are having the best time possible. The only time I am on the bow of the skiff casting is when someone needs a break to drink water, fix their leader or give their shoulder a rest. Most days, I make less than a dozen casts and spend a majority of my time behind a camera lens.

So, the point of having a host on your trip? Hosts are attentive to your every need on the trip, should you need a hand with knot-tying or can’t seem to fix a casting fault that is costing you fish on the boat. On the water, we’re there to take pictures, and sometimes just offer encouragement when bringing a fish to hand seems like a daunting task.

Hopefully that covers it! Hosted trips are an amazing way to make new friends, enjoy new fisheries, and experience destinations without the stress of booking everything yourself. We’re excited for another sold out week in Belize, and looking ahead to another hosted trip this April chasing giant Tarpon on the fly in Costa Rica!

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