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TARPONVILLE – Travel Day One

I’m typing this from a hotel room in Houston, Texas.  We had an early start this morning flying from Kelowna to Calgary, and had a scheduled flight from Calgary to Houston at 3:30pm.  Grabbed a bit of food and a mandatory airport beer, and found out our flight was delayed by 15 minutes.  Something about airport beer seems to taste just a little bit better, similar to a cold can of domestic after a day of fishing.  Though this is a work related trip, it is the first real time spent away from my little 5 week old bundle of joy and if I didn’t have such an amazing, understanding wife this business would not even be possible.

It’s impossibke not to miss this face!!

Next we find out that the 15 minute delay has extended to 2 hours.  Okay, what’s another couple hours in the airport.  Last year the wife and I decided it would be financially smart to suck up the layover in the Houston airport from midnight until 7am, which was among the worst ideas conjured up by anyone in the history of ideas.

We decided to pull out the laptop and talk business, brainstorm new marketing ideas and such.  Time went on, and I pulled out my phone to check the time only to have my heart jump into my throat when I realized our plane was leaving the tarmac in twelve minutes.

Dave and I sprinted to the terminal with rod tubes and luggage, making it just before they were about to page us over the intercom.  That would have been a seriously embarrassing flight to miss.  I thought nothing of the weather that had delayed us until we were flying alongside an electrical storm watching massive surges of lightning from the outside of the system.  One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

A huge thank you to Scientific Anglers & Ross Reels for sending me down with gear that I can put my whole-hearted trust it, and another massive thank you to my significant other.  For more info on our hosted trip to Tarponville next year, fill out the form below!  The adventure continues in 5 short hours…


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