Tarponville 2019 Hosted Trip Preview
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Tarponville 2019 Hosted Trip Preview

fly fishing for tarpon
Jack Cravelle, a common by-catch

Currently overlooking Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose, building Tarpon leaders and tying some last-minute flies, the anticipation that comes over me during trips like this is hard to explain.

Fly fishing has the ability to bring you to places you’d never imagine, the allure of exploring the unknown is what finds us travelling to various corners of the world in search of new species and destinations.

I will never forget the first time I set foot inside the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Southern Costa Rica. You are at the end of the road, there are no motorized vehicles allowed inside the park’s boundary where Tarponville resides.

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It was an easy choice adding Tarponville to our list of hosted trips, a combination of jungle setting and a truly spectacular Tarpon fishery make this little gem a special place to spend a week.

The fishing at Tarponville is slightly different from Tarpon fishing in somewhere like Belize or the Florida Keys, in the sense that you are targeting fish in slightly deeper water (5-20 feet) that is often discoloured from the nearby Sixaola River.

These fish are not picky, when there are sardines present you can expect to be casting into large pods of rolling and feeding fish with intermediate sinking lines. This makes for a perfect fishery for those that have not tried their hand at fly fishing for Tarpon before.

Tomorrow we will catch the shuttle for a week of chasing the Silver King. Follow along on our Instagram page, our guided Stillwater program is going strong in Kamloops right now as fish are waking up and chironomid hatches are underway!

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