Belize 2019 Hosted Trip Week 2 Recap
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Belize 2019 Hosted Trip Week 2 Recap

An overview of our back-to-back sold out hosted trips to Ambergris Caye, Belize

Fly fishing in saltwater is an infectious, addictive form of fishing that engulfs anglers and leaves you yearning for the next adventure. Warm, salty air, crystal clear waters, and an endless list of species that love to eat flies!

Our second week at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly on Ambergris Caye did not disappoint! We were lucky to land multiple permit on the fly this week, including Danny’s first permit on his first morning ever saltwater fishing! The golden horseshoe was with us that day on the skiff, as another came to hand just three casts after the first.

As the week continue, we saw some epic bonefishing despite heavy north winds at times. Tarpon remained somewhat elusive this week, but we managed to hook a few of them (including one that hit the fly like a Mack truck) on the final day.

The food and accommodations at Cayo Frances are unparalleled. From the first time I was lucky enough to visit in early 2017, I knew I had to get back. The addition of the Bote House (my home for over two weeks) is spectacular, it is amazing that such a tight-knit operation can reside in such a vast location.

A huge thank you to Wil Flack and all of the guides at Tres Pescados Fly Shop. Your hard work and willingness to go the extra mile to find fish for our guests does not go unnoticed. Thank you to Jeff, Andress, Rebecca and Marvin at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly for making this trip a truly memorable experience. Lastly, the people at Creative Tours for allowing us to add a unique aspect mid-week on each trip, exploring a remote caye near Ambergris that offered some incredible fishing for Permit, Jacks, Barracuda and tons of Bonefish.

What’s Next?

In just a few months it is time to head south yet again to Tarponville Fishing Lodge in southern Costa Rica, near the border of Panama. Tarponville offers an incredible fishery for giant Tarpon, and caters to anglers of any skill level. If you have never fished for Tarpon with a fly rod, this is the place to do it. Some of the fondest fly fishing memories I have were made in these Southern Carribean waters, there is something about catching a fish longer than I am tall that is wildly appealing.

Click here for more information on Tarponville, or enter your name below to claim one of the final two spots!

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