Jordan Oelrich


“I was born in Kamloops, BC and spent a few years living on a small lake outside of town.  My dad would bring me out in the canoe to fish spinners for rainbow trout and I caught my first fish at 2 years old.

I joined the fly fishing industry at 17 under the great folks at Trout Waters Fly and Tackle in Kelowna doing a mix of retail work, fly tying courses and Stillwater guiding.  I have since been able to visit some incredibly destinations fishing, guiding, and hosting groups of anglers abroad. I am grateful to be able to spend over 200 days on the water each year.

My life is dedicated to fly fishing and it has been my dream to own a guiding operation for many years.  Being able to bring what Interior Fly Fishing Company has to offer to anglers of all skill levels, from the trophy stillwaters of Kamloops to chasing Permit and Tarpon on the flats, is exactly what gets me out of bed each and every morning.

I consider myself very fortunate to pro-staff for a multitude of great companies in the industry including Scientific Anglers, Scott Fly Rods, Ross Reels and ZEAL Optics”

David Page


A resident of Nanaimo, BC, Dave Page is an incredibly enthusiastic and determined fly fisherman.  When he’s not spending his time guiding in remote British Columbia, he is knee deep in a coastal Vancouver Island flow searching for steelhead with a swung fly.  Dave is also very knowledgeable in the interior Stillwater scene and spends a good portion of his spring season chironomid fishing out of his custom pram.  You could search high and low and be hard pressed to find someone with more patience or a better attitude than Dave.  Whether you are an experienced angler or total beginner you’d have a hard time not learning something from him, which is why it was an easy choice to bring him on board with Interior Fly Fishing Co.

Kate Watson

Travel Ambassador

Kate Watson is a fly fishing guide in northern British Columbia. She’s gregarious in nature, a fish bum on the river, and has a passion for conservation, writing, tying and seeking new adventures on the water. Kate manages and guides for Northern Outback Adventures in Prince George, a heli-fishing lodge for big bull trout on the fly. She has competed twice at the world level for spey casting and is excited to compete again this upcoming year. Her passion for fly fishing has allowed her to build a repertoire as a industry professional, offering casting schools and presenting at different casting and angling events. Kate is a professional fly tyer for both Lagartun and Partridge, tying almost exclusively Classic Atlantic Salmon flies and Speys for west coast steelhead. With excitement, Kate has joined Interior Fly Fishing Co. as a travel ambassador, hosting fly fishing destination trips around the globe.