VIDEO: 9 Degrees South – The Land of Giants by Fly Fishing Nation

Let’s talk bucket list fly fishing destinations for a second.  Close your eyes, and imagine you could go anywhere in the world.  One that is continually at the forefront of my brain is Cosmoledo Atoll.  The size and power of these GT’s is something I must experience at some point in my life.  Until then, here’s one of the best fly fishing films showcasing the amazing fishery the Seychelles have to offer!

VIDEO: “One in Winter” by Ryan Peterson

Winter steelhead fishing can feel like everything is going your way one day, then rear it’s head and beat you into a pulp the next.  It can be painful and downright confidence-shattering at times.  “One in Winter” by Ryan Peterson perfectly captures the reality of chasing winter run steelhead with a swung fly.  Enjoy!