Fall Stillwater Fly Fishing in Kamloops, BC

Crisp morning air, leaves transitioning to vibrant shades of gold, yellow and red, fall is a special time of year.  Each year when the water temperatures begin to drop back to their prime levels and fish become active after a hot summer, it is amazing to me how overlooked this fishery is during the months of September and October.  Do not make it seem like this is upsetting, it is much more enjoyable showing up to my favourite lakes and having the launch to myself. read more

Stoney Lake Youth Fly Camp 2018 – Day 1 Recap

It has been a hot minute since a new blog post has been written!  Apologies, work has a way of consuming a hell of a lot of time through the busy months.  Couple that with not having access to wi-fi for the last 5 weeks and it makes things a bit tricky.  Luckily, we are at Stoney Lake Lodge this weekend for the 2018 Youth Fly Camp and things are off to a stellar start!

This event is for youth under 16 years old, and it is incredible to see such young people interested in the sport of fly fishing.  This morning I was lucky enough to take two young anglers aged 11 and 12 on the water, after a few missed opportunities I got to watch their eyes light up as one nice rainbow after another hit the net. read more

Early Season Stillwater Tactics – Rod in Hand

Ice-off can be a great time of year for stillwater fishing.  After a long winter, a rainbow trout’s metabolism will begin to speed up as they forage for staple food sources such as bloodworms, shrimp and leeches.  A great way to target fish in the first few weeks after the ice leaves the lake is with a strike indicator (bobber…) setup.

Even with this method, in frigid early season water temps I am a firm believer in holding the rod in hand while fishing instead of resting it in the rod holder.  Of course, if you are pre-occupied and need both hands then set it in the holder, but having the ability to lift up on the most subtle of movement on the indicator will definitely connect you with more fish. read more

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