VIDEO: REI Presents – A Steelhead Quest

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Hello readers!  It is 10:22pm, we just got home from the hospital today with our baby girl.  I would like to say we’ve slept the last two nights but apparently, these little humans have a way of keeping their parents out of bed through the night!  We will be back on regular blog scheduling starting tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.  Each and every comment, message and email reminds me how thankful I am to have this career.

VIDEO: “One in Winter” by Ryan Peterson

Winter steelhead fishing can feel like everything is going your way one day, then rear it’s head and beat you into a pulp the next.  It can be painful and downright confidence-shattering at times.  “One in Winter” by Ryan Peterson perfectly captures the reality of chasing winter run steelhead with a swung fly.  Enjoy!

The Best $25 You Can Spend This Month

British Columbia’s Thompson River holds one of the most famous and fragile runs of summer run steelhead in the world.  They are in a class of their own, but they need our help.  I won’t go into contributing factors to their downfall, as that would not only stir the pot but probably take half my lifetime to write!!

All I’m doing is urging you to BUY THIS SHIRT!  It’s $25 dollars out of your pocket and all proceeds go towards these magnificent fish.  It may not seem like a huge donation but it’s amazing the snowball effect that we are able to create with social media and networking. read more