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2020 Stillwater Thus Far

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A short recap on the 2020 stillwater season to date.


How is it teetering on the end of May already? I’m not sure if everyone has gone through the same time warp, but it feels like stillwater seasons is cruising by.

Luckily, this has been a fairly late year in comparison with previous years, and we will likely experience great emergences all the way through the month of June.

While we definitely saw some exceptionally high boat traffic on lower elevation lakes during launch closures, everything seems to be balancing itself quite well and it’s great to see so many lakes now open for recreational angling.

Fishing has been spectacular on both low and high elevation lakes. Low elevations are starting to see some great Callibaetis (mayfly) emergences, while the damsels and dragons are likely still a few weeks away.

Chironomids have been the ticket as per usual in May. A few points for fishing these little bugs:

  • When fish are marking very close to bottom, this typically means they are eating staging pupa that are just transitioning from the larval stage, or still fairly dark in colour.
  • In contrary, fish that are marking higher up in the water column will likely be found eating pupa which have began to transition into the “gassed up” form. This is a great time to fish a Chromie or shinier pupal imitation
  • The classic 10am until 2pm rule is absolutely no reason to stop fishing early in the day. Oftentimes fish will continue to feed well into the late afternoon into the early evening at times.
  • A personal order of importance for catching fish on chironomids looks like this: Depth –> Size/Profile –> Colour

Hopefully this helps you on the water this spring, follow below to listen to the latest episode of the Interior Fly Fishing Co. Podcast.

Best of luck on the water everybody!

Jordan Oelrich

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    Darrel Winser
    | Reply

    Great pod cast Jordan,always learn something from them and the entomology info is great…thanks

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    Jim Weber.
    | Reply

    Your info always welcome Thanks. Jim Weber.

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    | Reply

    It’s been a bit nutty at launches so I’ve reduced trips but my few days in the water have been a blast. Chironomids primarily. Thank you

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