5 Tips for Fall Stillwater Fly Fishing
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5 Tips for Fall Stillwater Fly Fishing

Moving into fall stillwater season.

I know it’s hard to fathom, seeing as it feels as though summer just arrived, but we are already heading into the fall season! What does this mean? Cool nights, first frosts, dropping water temps, big rainbow trout, pumpkin spice latte’s (if you’re into that).

The long and short of it is, fall is an amazing time to be on stillwaters, and though it’s very different from spring, it can produce some of the biggest fish of the entire year.

At this point you might be wondering “Jordan, do you still exist? Where have you been?”. I actually worked through some ups and downs health wise for the better part of a couple months (Google ‘SIBO’ if you want to know what I’m talking about). I have been parenting, husband-ing, and building a brand new online fly fishing school called Fly Fish University!

However, I did put together two new podcast episodes recently to help you on your way to your best fall stillwater season yet! I have embedded them both below, I hope they deliver immense value and clear up a few things you may have been struggling with in the past.

The 5 key points discussed in the 2nd episode are as follows:

  • Find your way into the mud at times. Fish will often cruise very close to bottom when searching out chironomid pupae and larvae during the fall months.
  • Though we love to see water temps climbing above 50F in the spring, the most exciting times in the fall are often when the water temp drops below the 50F mark and fish find their way into shallow water
  • Move OFTEN, especially if you are seeing fish jumping or rolling. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily feeding, but it means they are present and happy
  • Don’t overlook fishing water that is 5 to 10′ deep. This is where some of the biggest fish will find themselves looking to pick off a quick meal during the fall, providing they have a clean and clear exit point
  • Don’t be afraid to feed them a big meal! Large balanced leeches can work magical in the latter parts of the fall season

Both episodes are available below. Exciting times ahead, wishing you all great health and a good rest of your week!

P.S. If you’d like to join me on our first program at Fly Fish University called Fly Fishing Fundamentals Deep Dive, registration is open until Sunday, August 23rd. Classes begin August 27th for 5 weeks.


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    Fishing last weekend on various lakes was really slow was that the same elsewhere

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