3 Common Stillwater Fly Fishing Mistakes
» » » 3 Common Stillwater Fly Fishing Mistakes

3 Common Stillwater Fly Fishing Mistakes

The power of making minute tweaks and adjustments to your setup and presentation.

Stillwater fly fishing is a game of inches. Sometimes, the smallest adjustments in your approach can create drastic results. When I would observe anglers that were seemingly always catching fish, I would often wonder what they could possibly be doing so differently.

The answer was not that they were doing things in a polar-opposite manner from me, it was that they knew what small adjustments to consistently be making that had potential to create the results they wanted.

Another mistake that we all fall victim to at one time or another is becoming overly confident in the approach that has worked in the past, and not allowing ourselves to adjust and adapt with the ever-changing conditions.

In this episode of the Interior Fly Fishing Co. Podcast (sponsored by the IFFC Learning Center) we discuss three basic mistakes that are far too easy to make in stillwater fly fishing, and how to avoid them. Want to join us in 2020? A few spaces for Stillwater Week 2020 remain!


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