3 Reasons Why Prams Are Awesome
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3 Reasons Why Prams Are Awesome

What is a Pram?

A pram is a small boat, typically in the 8-9 foot range and made of wood, that is (usually) designed for one person.  After spending a few years fishing from float tubes and pontoon boats, I decided it was time for an upgrade.  I purchased a pram privately when I was 18 and immediately regretted waiting so long to make the switch.  Every pull of the oars on my first pram’s maiden voyage was confirmation why these boats are so popular on our interior stillwaters.

1) Stability – They may not look it, but prams really have a fairly stable construction.  They are quite wide and make standing up to cast or net a fish a breeze.  I wouldn’t necessarily squeeze two people into one and do a whole lot of standing but for one person, they are excellent.

2) Bells & Whistles – Prams are great for adding the same components you would to a 10 or 12′ flat-bottom Jon boat.  Each pram I’ve owned was equipped with dual anchor locks, rod holders, camera mount and a few small storage compartments.  Though they are small, it’s surprising the amount of additions that can be made to them.

Many moons ago.

3) Versatility – It is hard to argue that prams are extremely versatile.  You can get them in where larger boats are too cumbersome, they are stable enough to bring on slightly larger water, they row like a dream and you can easily throw an electric motor on the back.  One of my favourite features upon making the switch from a pontoon boat was not having to get my feet wet or put on a set of fins.

This post was inspired by scrolling through photos of days past, making me realize how much I miss fishing out of a pram.  If you are in the market for a boat for yourself, don’t overlook seeking out a new or second-hand wooden pram!

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