Stillwater Fly Fishing Season is Here!
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Stillwater Fly Fishing Season is Here!

Stillwater fly fishing in Kamloops is well underway, and we are up and running for the 2019 season!

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2019 Stillwater guiding season has begun! This is a magical time of year as lakes are losing their layer of ice and the fishing season begins. Stillwater fly fishing during the ice-off period can yield fantastic results, especially for chasing big fish in shallow water.

Interior Fly Fishing Company guide Brennan Lund was on the water yesterday, and encountered a stellar hatch of chironomids. Not only were the bugs emerging, but fish were keyed in and eating them.

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Though we will be running a hosted trip to Tarponville Fishing Lodge in Costa Rica beginning this weekend, we will have one boat operating day trips out of Kamloops. This is a great time to dust off the rods and hone your skills for the upcoming season.

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Until May 10th, we will be operating ice-off tune up trips, an improvement program consisting of 1hr casting instruction followed by a half-day of guided Stillwater fly fishing on a lake Kamloops waterbody.

Happy fishing to everyone, if you are interested in getting on the water for this great early season window feel free to enter your name in the contact form below or call (250) 463-2266!


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