Tips for Approaching Big Lakes
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Tips for Approaching Big Lakes

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In the early spring, we are all eager beyond belief to get on the water. However, when a lot of our smaller lakes are still frozen, we are left with the option of fishing larger bodies of water that either don’t freeze or will freeze very minimally. 

The good news?

These lakes can actually be wildly productive!

In this podcast episode, I cover a few tips of approaching some of these larger lakes with the same blueprint that we would approach our smaller stillwaters. 

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    bruce harvey
    | Reply

    I used to love your posts but now they are all podcasts, that is unfortunate.

    • Jordan Oelrich
      Jordan Oelrich
      | Reply

      Hi Bruce, thank you for the message. After a while I found that I was able to ultimately share more information with people through the podcast in a shorter period of time, rather than typing all of it out. I am looking into having podcasts transcribed into written form!

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    Wilf Lambo
    | Reply

    Agree that for hard of hearing oldsters like me the potcasts are difficult. I prefer the readable posts.

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