White tablecloths and fancy digs? No. Fishing the clock? Absolutely not. The perfect place for an avid angler to swing flies at the biggest and baddest rainbow trout found anywhere in Alaska? Absolutely.

Join Interior Fly Fishing Co. and AK Trout Camp in 2020, amongst the wildest and most pristine settings that Alaska has to offer. The famed Naknek River, along with a multitude of fly-out destinations accessible via floatplane, compile to make this a diverse hosted trip we are proud to offer. Giant rainbow trout, brown bears, simplistic riverside accommodations along with hearty, home-cooked meals make this a true Alaskan fly fishing experience. We’ve been here, we’ve fished it, the Naknek is the real deal.

The Fishing

Each year, solid numbers of giant rainbow trout drop down from Naknek Lake into the Naknek River to feed on salmon eggs, flesh, and sculpin. These fish often exceed the ten-pound mark, looking and behaving very similar to steelhead in the manner that they love to pummel swung flies.

Naknek River Rainbow Trout

Fishing is often done with 7 and 8-weight spey rods (available at camp, should you not have your own), Skagit-style shooting heads, and 10 to 15 foot sinking tips. Flesh flies, large articulated leeches, as well as sculpin and baitfish patterns are the name of the game on the Naknek. Should anglers choose to, Alaskan-style bead fishing behind spawning sockeye with single-handed rods is highly effective.

What sets AK Trout Camp aside from a majority of operations on the Naknek is their fishing program, which starts before the sun comes up and extends right until sunset with a short break in the middle of the day. Fish will be caught at any time throughout the day, though the early and late hours seem to yield some of the most magical moments imaginable on this large, wide river catering perfectly to a swung fly.

Similar to swinging flies for steelhead, though slightly more generous, this is definitely a ‘quality over quantity’ fishery. Anglers can realistically expect to have 2-5 encounters per day, bringing one or two fish to hand per day is considered a success. Rainbows on the Naknek will regularly exceed thirty inches, and are not easy to land.

AK Trout Camp also has a fly-out program (not included in package price, rate depending on location) that offers fishing for Leopard rainbows and Arctic Char.

The Camp

Located on the banks of the Naknek, AK Trout Camp is a small operation that caters to small groups of six anglers per week. Rooms are booked on double-occupancy, with each consisting of two beds, a heater, and a shared bathroom (with shower). This is not a Hilton Hotel, this is a place we come to fish and fish hard.

Three square meals per day are had in the main building, in which the day is recapped while the following one is planned. A typical breakfast would consist of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon or sausage and pancakes. Hot lunches are often hot soup and a sandwich after a morning of fishing, with dinners being plentiful dishes varying from spaghetti and wild sockeye salmon, to steak or moose burgers.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Fly to Anchorage, transfer to King Salmon. Travel to lodge by the way of a short drive, followed by a very short boat ride across the river. Set up rods, go over the week ahead.

Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 – Fish, fish, and fish even harder. It is not uncommon, should you choose, to see 9+ hours of fishing on the Naknek.

Day 7 – Check out and depart from King Salmon, Alaska.

Dates:October 3 – 9, 2020 (hosted by Jordan Oelrich) – 4 Spots Open

October 10 – 17, 2020 (hosted by Kate Watson) – 5 Spots Open

Price: $4,295 USD

**Not included are flights or accommodations in travel to King Salmon, Alaska, fishing licenses, gratuities, fly-out charter fees or alcohol

Spaces are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more details or to reserve a space, fill out the form below!