3 Day Fishing Package

This is a great option for those that would like to experience a little more of the area, but can’t get away for too long.  Lots can be done in three days, whether you want to fish a new lake each day or really focus on getting yourself the trophy stillwater fish of a lifetime that the interior is known for.  However you want to split up your 3 day stay, we can accommodate.

3 Day Fully Guided Fishing for 2 – $1,550.00

3 Day Fully Guided Fishing for 1 – $1,300.00

5 Day Fishing Package

Our 5 day fishing package gives you a taste of the diversity the interior has to offer.  Regardless of what you are looking for (big fish, lots of fish), this package really allows us to bring you a great experience on our waters.  Five days gives us a lot of flexibility as to what we are able to offer, and is highly recommended if fishing trophy interior stillwaters is on your bucket list.

5 Day Fully Guided Fishing for 2 – $2,600.00

5 Day Fully Guided Fishing for 1 – $2,175.00

7 Day Fishing Package

If you want to fully experience our Stillwater fishery, this is the package.  Whether you want to fish as many lakes as possible during your stay or want to land the fish of a lifetime, we will do everything in our power to make it happen.  Seven days allows us an ample amount of flexibility and time to give you the best possible trip.

7 Day Fully Guided Fishing for 2 – $3,640.00

7 Day Fully Guided Fishing for 1 – $3,045.00

*If you’re interested in booking a longer stay, just mention it in your inquiry and we will make it work for you*