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Hometown: Kamloops, British Columbia

Favourite species to target
: There is something divine about throwing a fly at rolling Tarpon.

When I’m not fishing, I am… Potentially sitting on a plane, reading books, tying flies, or spending time with my wife Kymberly and our one-year-old daughter Hailie.

If I could fish anywhere in the world for one day: Cosmoledo Atoll in the Seychelles, Southern Costa Rica, Ambergris Caye or right here in Kamloops!

What do you love about working in the fly fishing industry?
 I absolutely love teaching, and watching guests experience the same things that drew me so powerfully to the sport. The fly fishing industry is a fairly tight-knit community of good, honest people. I am grateful for this industry and the ability it gives me to align with my life purpose.

Little-known fact:
I am wildly obsessed with self-development books, Quantum Physics and Skippy’s Kettle Corn

You can reach me any time via email at