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Fly Tying: Two-Tone Chironomid Ribbings

This morning en route home, I was thinking of the small things about the website that I couldn’t quite seem to get dialed in.  Then I started to think about more and more small things, which eventually led me to the idea I was going to do a complete overhaul.

It only took twelve hours, but I have to say I am proud of how the new site looks.  It is easier to navigate, cleaner and more visually appealing in my opinion.  There will be a few quirks being worked out over the next few days, and if you have any suggestions I have thick skin so don’t hold back!


Now, on to the main event…


A couple days ago, I covered the simple method of twisting together two pieces of thread and wrapping it to form segmentation on chironomid pupa imitations.  I’ve since received some awesome photos of chironomids tied with both solid and blended coloured ribs.  For those who have messaged asking about blending two colours together, here you are!

Step 1: Start with two colours of thread in the same diameter. For this fly I’ve chosen both red and black UTC 70

Step 2: Tie in the first single strand of thread and keep your tying thread close to the bead. It doesn’t matter which order they are tied in.

Step 3:  Wrap in your second piece of ribbing

Step 4: Wrap both pieces of thread back and form your tapered body

Step 5: Twist your two strands of ribbing thread together and pinch the bottom end with a pair of hackle pliers. It’s easy to lose a grip while wrapping them in your fingers, which will cause you to have to start over. Hackle pliers come in very handy here.
Step 6: Wrap your ribbing forward, tie off, add thorax (or don’t) and you’re done!

Do the fish really notice things like this? Probably not, but it’s fun to tell myself that they do.  Thanks to all of you awesome readers, each and every one is appreciated!  To leave a comment, fill out the form below or drop me an email here!


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    Awesome, I am going to try this!

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