How to tie a Spawning Shrimp Bonefish Fly
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How to tie a Spawning Shrimp Bonefish Fly

I first fished this variation of Bob Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp on Ambergris Caye, Belize during the winter of 2016.  Fish were tailing in front of me, some good sized ones travelling in pairs or small schools, but results were limited with the Crazy Charlie I had on my line.

The sun was going down, which is sometimes unnerving in Crocodile territory.  With about 10 minutes left, I tied on a #4 Mantis Shrimp I had tied with a small tuft of orange rabbit for the tail.  This fly proceeded to hook a multitude of nice bonefish before we ran out of light.  From that moment I fished it the rest of the trip with high confidence, and inarguable results.

What You’ll Need

  • Hook – Mustad 34007-SS #2 to #6
  • Thread – UTC 70 Tan
  • Eyes (Back) – Burnt Mono Eyes
  • Eyes (Front) – Medium Bead-Chain or Sm. Lead
  • Tail #1 – Rabbit Fibres (Orange)
  • Tail #2 – Arizona Simi-Seal (Golden Shiner)
  • Flash – Krystal Flash Tan
  • Legs – Sili Legs Barred (Sand)
  • Body – Arizona Simi-Seal (Golden Shiner)
  • Glue – Zap-A-Gap or Loon UV Thin

Take two short pieces of 30 pound monofilament, burn the tips with a lighter and colour with a black permanent marker
bonefish fly tying
Tie in a fairly short length of orange rabbit fur on top of the shank
bonefish fly tying
Tie in a clump of Simi Seal dubbing on the underside of the shank, followed by the monofilament eyes
bonefish fly tying
Once tied in, the mono eyes can be adjusted to ensure that they lie simmetrical to one another
bonefish fly tying
Add two strands of Krystal Flash and one pair of Barred Sili-Legs.  Lock them down one at a time on either side of the shank.  
bonefish fly tying
Add a pair of bead-chain or lead eyes on the top of the shank, securing them with super glue or a thin UV resin
bonefish fly tying
Spin a length of Simi Seal dubbing into a dubbing loop, and apply a light layer of super glue to the hook shank.  Since there is no wire used (optional), the glue will keep the dubbing from falling off the shank after a few fish

bonefish fly tying
Palmer the Simi Seal dubbing forward, finishing with a figure-eight around the eyes.  Your fly will likely look like a disaster, but everything will be brushed out
bonefish fly tying
Take a dubbing brush and comb the fibres backwards, whip finish and apply adhesive to the head of the fly.  Now book a flight somewhere warm and put this little bug to the test!

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