Is a Rotary Fly Tying Vice Worth The Money?
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Is a Rotary Fly Tying Vice Worth The Money?

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Selling tying vices in the shop, people would lose their breath at the price tag of an entry-level rotary fly tying vice.  I would explain the list of benefits but often they would opt for a cheaper version to start.  That, of course, is all good but I did notice a pattern of those people coming back to purchase a rotary model within 6 months of tying.

Long story short? Yes, they are worth every penny.  Having the ability to use the rotary function to spin hackle, wire and body material saves an infinite amount of time at the bench.  You will also find yourself putting out more consistently proportioned flies.

Another great feature of the rotary vices is the ability to turn your fly upside down and lock it, allowing you to access the underside of the shank to apply materials.  I still have the first rotary vice I purchased 8 years ago and tie on it almost every day.  I have an extra set of jaws that are about to go on, but I will save the old ones for tying larger saltwater and steelhead flies.

If you are on the fence, my advice would be to spend the few extra bucks on a good rotary tying vice.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact form below, I will be happy to answer!


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