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One Material Flies: Brushed STS Leech

Time is money, which is why I’m determined to see how many working flies I can tie that only involve one or two in the slivers of free time I have before the upcoming season.

This is obviously a pattern that was invented long before I was even born, but it is a great stillwater fly if you don’t have a lot of time and need something that is going to really work.  I have chosen a size 12 straight eye, 3x long shank curved nymph hook, STS Trilobal Blood Leech dubbing and a 3/32 gold bead.  There are an endless amount of dubbings that will all tie slightly differently, I find STS Trilobal and seal fur to be my favourites for small leeches.

Hook: Dai-Riki #270

Thread: UTC 70 Black

Tail & Body: STS Trilobal Dubbing

Bead: 3/32 Gold Bead

Step 1:  Slide your bead of choice onto the hook.

Step 2: Make a very small tail of dubbing, usually about half of a shank length

Step 3: Form a dubbing loop and insert the dubbing of your choice.

Step 4: Wrap your dubbing forward & diligently pick it out with a dubbing brush.  You want these leeches to be sparse and translucent

Step 5:  Whip finish, glue & you’re done!

This is an incredibly easy & overlooked pattern that involves nothing but dubbing.  If you want, and I would suggest it, you can counter-wrap some wire forward to help keep your fly in good shape even after multiple fish.

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