3 Tips to Maintaining a Clean Fly Tying Station
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3 Tips to Maintaining a Clean Fly Tying Station

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While I was unpacking my tying material today, I began to realize the importance of having a clean work space.  The clean white tabletop that is usually covered in tying material and hooks, something is to be said about having an organized tying station.  I am as guilty as the next person for having a tying desk that looks like someone threw a quarter stick of dynamite in my dubbing drawer and ran for cover, especially after a solid week of filling commercial tying orders.

Not only does it keep you in a good head space, it is so much easier to find materials when they are where they are supposed to be.  Here’s a few things I suggest to keep your tying station organized:

Schedule ItI find it very easy to continually pull the good old “I will get around to it tomorrow” card with cleaning my desk, but actually setting a time of the week or even time of day to tidy up your desk will lessen the workload in comparison to waiting until it has to be done.  For example, I try to clean my desk every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings.  It is not always easy to do when it’s the last thing you feel like doing, but your future self will thank you.

Storage Towers:  These storage towers are available at just about any Wal-Mart location in North America, do not cost a lot of money, and will make your life a whole lot easier.  You can DIY your own labels, use small Ziploc bags inside the drawers to make things that much easier to identify, and save yourself a whole lot of time that would’ve otherwise been spent searching.

Strategize Your Sessions:  This is probably the easiest way to really stay on top of having a clean tying desk.  If I’m going to sit and fill an order of chironomids, I only bring out materials I’m going to need to tie chironomids.  If I’m tying big Tarpon flies, I only have a few colours of fibre and some hooks out.  If I’m tying scuds… So on and so forth.  It is easy to go ballistic and pull out every shade of dubbing ever put into production for the ‘most epic tying session ever’ but you will be surprised at the results a little planning will do.

A serious thank you is extended to everyone that reads these posts.  I do it because I love receiving positive emails and responses from people, and for the fact that I love writing about anything to do with the sport of fly fishing.  My fiance, myself and our little one are posted up in our new (to us) home in Kamloops.  I am lucky to have such an amazing support system, none of this would be possible without it.

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    This is my favorite post so far Jordan. Simple, effective, and informative. Thumbs up!

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