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Fly Culture’s “Chironie Creator”

Notice: This post is not a paid or commissioned post in any way. This is simply promoting forward-thinking innovation in the fly fishing industry.

You know the chironomid patterns that you can’t exactly remember how they ended up in your box, but all of a sudden you are down to your last one and would rather lose a limb than lose that fly?

The worst part about these flies is you never seem to find them in the fly bin at your local shop.

If you tie flies, the process is simple: buy new materials, tie new flies, never worry about running out.

However, if you do not tie your own flies, the new “Chironie Creator” from Fly Culture allows you to order unique chironomid patterns based on size, body colour, rib colour, gill material (or lack thereof) and bead colour.

Not going to lie, this is something I wish I would’ve thought of years ago!

Congrats to Sean at Fly Culture for creating this wonderful way for people to get creative, while obtaining quality bugs.

Chironomid season is upon us, click here to place an order!

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