3 Quick Tips to Save Time at the Vice
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3 Quick Tips to Save Time at the Vice

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Winter is all but here, and the attention for many stillwater anglers shifts to the tying vice.  This is the time of year to re-stock the boxes for next spring, while experimenting with new patterns and materials.  There is only so much time, read these three tips to using it efficiently!

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  • Schedule ahead of time which patterns you are going to focus on.  This allows you to save time that would’ve otherwise been spent digging through materials in hopes of finding inspiration.

  • Tie a variety of patterns that use similar materials.  This not only makes clean-up easier, it minimizes the amount of material needed to set out beforehand.

  • Make cleaning up a priority.  Your future self will thank you infinitely for spending the few minutes it takes to put everything back where it belongs.  There is nothing worse than returning to your tying bench to realize that the materials from your last tying session are all over the place.  It is also far too easy to let that pile continue to grow.

There you have it, spend more time tying and less time searching frantically for materials!

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