chironomid pupa

Fly tying is an excellent way to unlock and infinite amount of possibilities in the customization and invention of fly patterns.  Not every bug that you will see in nature has a commercially available pattern to match it, and not every commercially available pattern always has the details you want.  We are happy to offer mobile fly tying instruction in Kamloops, BC.

Instruction is taught in your own home, with all materials and equipment provided for use.  The following courses listed below are available, for more information on how to get started click here!

Intro to Stillwater Fly Tying

  • bloodworm fly tying

This course covers all of the basics for tying flies that will prove effective in our British Columbia Stillwaters.  This course covers how to imitate a variety of food sources such as leeches, chironomids, bloodworms, shrimp, damselflies, mayflies and more.  We also will go over one or two attractor patterns that come in handy when the fish are not keyed in on anything specific.

 Chironomid Tying 101

  • chironomid fly tying

Tying and fishing chironomids is a simple concept, but there are many small details that can really make a difference.  In both the larval and pupal stage, chironomids are the #1 food source for our rainbow trout in the springtime.  There are many lakes that also offer excellent opportunity at fall chironomid fishing.  This course covers key colour combinations, proper hook and bead sizing, chironomid life cycle, how to build a clean, consistent taper and much more.

Travel is not charged within the city limits of Kamloops, BC.  All Equipment Provided.  Limit of 4 per course, which allows maximum attention to each student.


Private (1 on 1) – $100 per session (approx. 90 minutes)

More Than One Student – $60 per person, per session.