Three Must-Have Fall Stillwater Patterns
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Three Must-Have Fall Stillwater Patterns

Fall is upon us, and some of the best Stillwater fly fishing in the Kamloops area is underway.  Cool nights, comfortable daytime temperatures, and fish that are actively willing to eat!  Fall can present some excellent chironomid fishing, in fact some lakes will fish equal or better in the fall compared to the springtime months.  Here are three flies not to leave home without:

1) Simple Dubbed Micro Leech

This is a great pattern at any time of the year, but as we progress into the month of October you can expect fish to be seeking out this ever-present food source on a regular basis.  Though leeches can grow up and over 6 inches in length, fish will often choose the smaller variety commonly referred to as “micro-leeches”.  These flies fish great on an intermediate or full sink, but my favourite way is hanging them under a strike indicator in shallow water.  This allows full control of the retrieval rate without hooking up on bottom.  For a step-by-step on how to tie this fly click here!

2) The “Blob”

Blobs are a deadly effective “fly” when it comes to fall fishing.  Fish will sometimes key into daphnia, a micro-organism that has long frustrated Stillwater anglers, and blobs fished in a variety of colours will get fish to eat even under the most difficult conditions.  Fish them under an indicator or strip them quickly on a full sinking line in deeper water, blobs definitely have a way of doing work when the fishing seems futile.  Click here for more info on fishing blob flies!

3) The “Cranberry Larva”

Yes, any bloodworm pattern will prove effective at certain times in the fall months, but this one is a staple in my fly box.  Bloodworms are an ever-present food source and provide an easy meal for fish as water temperatures will slowly drop until ice-over.  Bloodworms fish best with a fairly static presentation, hanging them under an indicator within a foot or two of a muddy bottom can yield some incredible action.  Want to learn how to tie it? Click here.

There we have it, these three flies are just a few of many that will prove effective in the months of September and October.  Questions or comments?  Click here or drop your info in the box below!


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