Stillwater Fly Fishing: The Double-Handed Strip
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Stillwater Fly Fishing: The Double-Handed Strip

Sometimes the fishing is so good it feels like you couldn’t miss if you tried.  Other times, it feels like you couldn’t pay one a thousand dollars to get one to eat.  Challenging days can be frustrating, but they push you to think outside the box.  When the methods you typically rely on fail, it is the perfect time to try something new.

A nice rainbow that recently fell victim to a UV Sunburst blob on an SA S3/S5 full sink with the double-hand strip technique

A method that is more commonly seen fishing Tarpon during a Palolo worm hatch, the double-handed strip is actually very effective for fishing patterns such as water boatmen, boobies and blobs.  The steady but erratic retrieve accompanied by a few pauses is a great way to trigger a reaction bite.

The double-hand strip, or “rolley-polley” retrieve is easily executed by tucking the rod underneath your dominant arm and doing a steady series of short strips with one hand over the other.  When you feel a fish grab, do not attempt to lift of up to set the hook as the rod will not be in your hand.  Simply keep stripping to stay tight on the fish until you are sure the hook is buried.  Once you feel head shakes, grab the rod with your dominant hand and fight the fish as usual.

Stillwater fishing has been excellent thus far in the Kamloops area.  If you have any questions about this technique or want to simply drop me a message, fill out the form below and I will be happy to get back to you!  Happy Fishing.

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