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Review | Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders (2018)

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Is there anything better than sliding into a new pair of waders for the first time?  No blemishes, no faded material and not a blob of Aquaseal to be found, this feeling is one that seems to be so fleeting with every pair.  When I decided to make the move into the new G3 Guide waders I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after a few outings I can say that I am nothing short of impressed.

Upon unboxing, one of the first things I noticed was that Simms had changed to a lighter colour pattern than previous models.  I don’t have much emotional attachment to what shades of grey my pair of waders are, in fact I quite liked the new “Cinder” colour.

What Works

Fit – Let me start by saying I am approximately 5′ 9″ tall, 160 pounds and wear a size 9 shoe.  In a size Medium, these are the best fitting waders I have ever purchased.  I tried them on with just a light long-sleeve sun shirt, followed by a sun shirt and a fleece.  I feel like they have trimmed the fitting a bit to cater to a slightly slimmer profile, but whatever was done worked just fine for me.  I was able to layer underneath, was not constricted whatsoever but also didn’t have a huge gap between sweater and wader.

Pocket System – There is a mesh pocket up front, a reach-through pocket and a flip-out “Tippet Tender”.  I definitely approve of the fact that the reach-through pocket now has zippers on either side, in the event you need a bit of extra storage or have to throw something in there quickly.  The flip-out pocket is detachable, of all the storage I use that one more than anything.

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Stocking Feet – The stocking foot on these waders definitely fits better than pairs I have had in years previous.  There is a bit more of a “custom fit” feel (for me anyways) and I was good with one pair of merino wool socks.

Gravel Guards – I have never had a gravel guard that I don’t have to hook into my laces eight times per day, but these ones (thus far) have not come off once.  They fit snug around the wading boots and the neoprene feels as though it has a bit more stretch than past models.  This could definitely be my imagination, but whatever it is doesn’t need changing.

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What Doesn’t Work

Of course time is the ultimate dictator, but thus far the flaw count is zero.  A very teeny, tiny part of me wishes that the waders cost an extra $10 dollars and the Super Fly Patch was included.  I have never had great luck with flies staying on the small Velcro patch, but this is not a serious matter.

This is not necessarily an ‘issue’, but if you are purchasing a pair of these waders be sure that you’re buying the right size.  It is so easy to impulsively purchase a pair of waders that are not exactly the right size for you.  Buying the right sized waders will make your relationship with your waders, and the waders themselves, last a lot longer.

If there were something I could attest to being a design or performance issue, you would definitely be reading about it right now.  The main thing hindering a review that points out negatives is that I have had nothing but a positive experience with these waders so far.

Final Thoughts? The Simms G3 has long been a ‘workhorse’ wader among guides and avid anglers.  Though subtle, the updates that have been made are noticeable.  While paying a little extra for a quality pair of waders won’t necessarily catch you more fish or make you a better caster it will make the overall experience more comfortable.  If you are in the market for a new pair of waders, I would give these serious consideration.

To purchase the Simms G3 Guide Waders Click Here

Questions?  Feel free.  Happy fall fishing wherever you are!


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