3 Reasons Kamloops is a Great Fishing Destination
» » » 3 Reasons Kamloops is a Great Fishing Destination

3 Reasons Kamloops is a Great Fishing Destination

Why Kamloops is coined “The Stillwater Capital of North America”

Imagine that it is late-May, it’s definitely not, but just for a moment picture having the boat ready to go and over 100 lakes within one hour’s driving time.  So many options, an intimidating amount of options at times, this is what makes Kamloops so special.  While writing a short magazine snippet regarding fly fishing in Kamloops, I began to realize what an amazing place this is to work, live and fish.  These are the top 3 reasons I came up with

Diversity – Guiding or fishing in Kamloops never leaves one short on options.  There is such an abundant volume of lakes that sometimes the decision is not made until I’m leaving the city limits.  There are lakes here for those who have never tried fly fishing, and lakes for those that want to chase giant rainbow trout.  Aside from the fishing, the scenery varies from one lake to another.

Consistency – From April until November, there is always good fishing to be found.  Even in the heat of summer, some lakes experience their best fishing of the year.  We don’t have to rely on one particular lake to be fishing well, regardless of the season there are always productive waters to be found.

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Really Big Rainbows! – It is easy to take for granted the size of fish that we have available here.  Yes, they take a bit (sometimes a lot) more patience, but the reward is worth the effort.  Rainbow trout reach sizes of 8 pounds or better in a multitude of lakes in the area.

I have been lucky enough to see some amazing places through the end of a fly rod, but returning home to BC’s Interior is something that I always look forward to.  Thank you for reading, it is back to the fly tying vice in preparation for two sold out hosted weeks in Belize!

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