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Kamloops Fly Fishing | 2018 Stillwater Season Highlights

huge thank you to everyone that fished with Interior Fly Fishing Co. in 2018.  Both the spring and the fall seasons were spectacular, with guests from Canada, United States and Europe.  There is nothing more fulfilling or rewarding than watching someone experience this fishery for the first time, and truly no job in the world I would rather have than this!

 kamloops fly fishingThe first day of the 2018 Stillwater season.  Photo by Brennan Lund

british columbia fly fishingHaving a chance to fish with Savas and Nick of Trout Waters Fly & Tackle this spring.  Trout Waters was the first job I ever had in the fishing industry at 17 years old, and it had likely been 3 or 4 years since I had a chance to fish with the two people who got me started almost a decade ago.

british columbia fly fishingThe ladies doubled up in a chironomid feeding frenzy, this was their first day ever fly fishing!

british columbia fishing tripsEnjoying a rare morning of fishing for myself with good friend and Interior Fly Fishing Co. guide Dave!

british columbia fly fishing tripsRainbow trout taking flight near the boat!

british columbia fishing tripsThe amount of options for both rainbow trout and brook trout that Kamloops offers never ceases to amaze me

british columbia fishing tripsA girthy Fraser Valley strain rainbow trout

british columbia fishing tripsA pair of beautiful Pennasks

british columbia fishing tripsA true ten pound rainbow trout caught on a #18 chironomid pupa

tourism kamloopsGood times with the crew from Tourism Kamloops!

british columbia fishing tripsFishing the evening session on Corbett Lake.  Photo by Brennan Lund.

brian chanBrian Chan giving a presentation on what makes a productive Stillwater fishery

British Columbia fishing tripsInterior Fly Fishing Co. guide Dave and guest Ken from Utah with a beauty

british columbia fishing tripsKen from Utah at it again with a football of a Brook trout

british columbia fishing tripsWhen a 6+ pound rainbow takes flight, all you can do is pray the hook stays embedded!

british columbia fishing tripsSarah from Phoenix, AZ leaning into a nice one

british columbia fishing tripsDefinitely one of the more common chironomids seen on our local lakes

british columbia fishing tripsMark from Arkansas bent on a nice rainbow as another weather system closes in

british columbia fishing tripsOliver Rutschmann of Oliver’s Sportfishing Adventures with a perfect rainbow trout

british columbia fishing tripsBomber season!

british columbia fishing tripsEight pounds of interior rainbow trout heading back to be caught another time

british columbia fishing tripsEarly fall morning on a local Kamloops lake

british columbia trout fishingA shiny one heading back!

british columbia fishing tripsDana Sturn hand-twisting back a chironomid pupa

british columbia fishing tripsThey don’t get any more perfect than this

british columbia fishing tripsA very typical fall throat sample of Gammarus shrimp

british columbia fishing tripsRegretting her last meal

british columbia stillwater fishingThe real story is that my wife landed this fish and let me hold it for a picture!

british columbia fishing tripsDefinitely the youngest client of the year… my daughter Hailie learning the ropes of BC Stillwater fishing!

british columbia fishing tripsNo caption needed, a tank of an interior rainbow!

british columbia fishing tripsCarlo Ng bent on a late season rainbow

british columbia fishing tripsBrennan Lund hooked up on a November Stillwater rainbow

This is just a small assortment of my favourites from this past Stillwater season.  There is no way to explain the gratitude I have for being able to live in such a wonderful place.  Within an hour’s drive of downtown Kamloops, we are so lucky to have over 100 lakes that offer opportunities for anglers of any skill level.

With May of 2019 being almost 50% booked, now is the time to book your dates for next season!

With colder weather becoming more and more regular, I can’t help but getting excited about two sold out hosted weeks in Belize and chasing giant Costa Rica Tarpon next April!

Until next year.



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