Interior Stillwater Fly Fishing in June
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Interior Stillwater Fly Fishing in June

June is an excellent month of the year for stillwater fly fishing in the interior of BC.  Typically, weather is a little bit more stable and the fishing becomes a little bit more diverse.  Chironomid hatches are still in full swing, especially at higher elevations.  Dragons, Damsels, Mayflies are all taking place while the start of the annual Sedge hatch is seen at most elevations depending on the time of the month.

Chironomid fishing in June is very enjoyable as most fish have moved out into deeper water with warming temperatures.  Fishing water that is 20 feet or more can yield some incredibly powerful grabs, especially fishing a chironomid on a naked floating line with no indicator or swivel.  The hit and run on a naked line chironomid setup fished in deeper water can be one of the most addictive things in stillwater fly fishing.

Damselflies are a common sight in the month of June

Another great method in the month of June is fishing the shallow flats or along edges of reed beds with Callibaetis nymphs.  A preferred method for this type of fishing is a floating or midge tip line with a fairly long (10-14’+ depending on the depth of the water) leader ending in 6 pound fluorocarbon.  A hand twist retrieve fished very slow, especially quartering downwind allowing your fly to drift freely can yield great results.

Enjoy the last day of May and best of luck through the month of June!


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