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How to Take Your Significant Other Fly Fishing

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Maybe you just met the love of your life but haven’t had “the talk” yet.  You know the one?  The one where you come clean and tell them that your passion for fishing is more like a full-blown addiction and it’s too late to turn back now?

It is an incredible experience being able to share something like fly fishing with your partner, but there is a bit of a science to it.  I have seen some epic meltdowns between man and woman on the water, with one person yelling instructions to the other on what they should be doing.  This is not the right way to go about it.

The year that I ran out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas…

If you are getting someone into fly fishing for the first time, do not make it a stressful experience for them.  Go into it with an open mindset that the day is not about meeting your expectations but about creating an enjoyable atmosphere for them.  Here are three things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about bringing them out for the first time.

  1. Choose Your Fishery Wisely: Take them somewhere that they will have a great chance at catching a fish.  Don’t make their first outing frustrating in any way.  Even if you’d rather go somewhere that presents a bigger challenge in exchange for a bigger reward, remember that your expectations are much higher.

  2. Be Patient:  This goes without saying, but it is so easy to get frustrated over something small without even noticing it.  Even if they mess something up, who cares?  Your world won’t come to a halt because they pointed the rod at the fish and broke it off, or missed netting the fish on the first scoop.  Make it fun for yourself and them, stress does not have to come into the equation.

  3. Hire a Guide or Instructor:  This isn’t a sales pitch, it is honest advice.  I have taught both men and women that were very willing to learn, until it was their significant other telling them what they were doing wrong.  If you have the patience to teach, then by all means but do not under any circumstance belittle them for doing something incorrectly.

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