Fly Tying: The “Tool Caddy”
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Fly Tying: The “Tool Caddy”

Time is valuable, and being able to be organized and efficient at the vice is crucial.

When I began tying flies, I had a 6×10″ cardboard box that held all my bobbins, scissors, whip finishing tools etc. that eventually became too small of a space for everything.  One of the best little purchases I’ve made in fly tying is Renzetti’s “Tool Caddy”.

I always have at least seven bobbins rigged with a variety of threads at all times, along with five different pairs of scissors, two whip finishing tools, three dubbing loop spinners, a dubbing brush, two hair stackers, a couple fly clips for drying, a dubbing brush, a bottle of Zap-A-Gap and a bottle of Sally Hansen’s “Hard as Nails”.

This probably seems like overkill, it might be on some level, but each item has its own time and place.  Neither myself nor my company has any affiliation or sponsorship from Renzetti, I wrote this strictly due to the fact that this is a great little product that I will have forever.  The only thing I don’t recommend using your Tool Caddy for is a drying rack or it will end up looking shredded like mine!

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