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Orange Beads or Bust

I am here to say that over half the time I am fishing a leech imitation it has a nasty, fluorescent hot orange bead up front.  Why?  Maybe it is a confidence thing, I have had days of limited success followed by hitting fish immediately after switching to the faithful orange beaded leech.  In fact, I have substantially more confidence in a fly with a fluorescent orange or chartreuse bead than gold or gunmetal in most cases.

fly tying leech

My take on this is that the fluorescent beads might draw fish in from a greater distance.  Though it looks completely unnatural, perhaps they approach the fly with curiosity only to find out that the thing attached to that lightbulb in fact holds the profile of a leech.  Maybe it is just enough to drive them mad enough to eat out of frustration.

I find the orange bead to prove slightly more effective in slightly off-coloured water, for similar reasons that white bead chironomid pupa shine in these conditions.  There is no way to know exactly what it is, but I am relieved to have made a public confession that I feel no shame fishing a glorified egg sucking leech on a regular basis!

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