Fly Tying: My Favourite One-Material Fly
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Fly Tying: My Favourite One-Material Fly

There is no catch, this fly really only involves one material & has proven itself successful for a very long time.

Polar chenille really doesn’t look like much when it’s dry, but once it is submerged in water each fiber seemingly comes to life.  It is cheap, it is durable, and most of all it is very easy to tie with.  This is not the prettiest fly you’ll have in your box, but sometimes it can be the most effective.  You can tie it in an endless amount of colour combinations, I’ve even fished it with success for Coho, Chinook and Chum salmon as well as summer-run Steelhead.

I would typically include a material list at this point, but the only material you need is Polar Chenille in whatever colour you desire.  On this particular model, I’ve used a #6 2xl hook with a 1/8″ Hot Orange Bead with Purple UV Polar Chenille.

Step 1:  Slide bead or cone onto the shank.  This fly can be done without anything up front as well.

Step 2:  Tie in an appropriate length of Polar Chenille.  I’m usually not a huge fan of tying in materials at the back of the shank but with Polar Chenille covering the whole body you won’t be able to notice where it was tied in.

Step 3:  Palmer your Polar Chenille forward with little to no spacing between wraps.  Whip finish behind bead, cut thread, glue, repeat!!

If you have any colour combos for this fly, I’d love to see them!  Click here to drop me an email.

Jordan Oelrich

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