Fly Tying: Make Every Wrap Count
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Fly Tying: Make Every Wrap Count

Becoming more efficient at tying is something we all work towards, it doesn’t matter how many hundreds of hours you invest there will always be something out there to learn.  At a tying demo in Calgary, Alberta one year the booth I was working was situated directly across from all of the fly tying demos for the whole weekend.  During one presentation I acquired the single most important piece of advice that I still swear by to this day.

“Once you finish a fly, could you unravel it wrap by wrap and be able to explain why you made each one where it was?”.  That really made me realize that sometimes I throw multiple thread wraps on top of something just for the fun of it.  What am I doing?  I’m adding unnecessary bulk to my fly for no reason.  It takes three wraps to secure your thread onto a bare hook and it takes one to three wraps to properly secure most materials.

Next time you’re tying bugs, be very conscious of every wrap that goes into a fly.  Not only will you save time, you’ll find your flies looking much cleaner.  If you have any questions on this feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email here!

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