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Fly Fishing on Instagram vs. Reality

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Social media is such a great way for anglers to share their experiences with the world through photo and video, but it is time to be honest for a moment.  “How do you guys seemingly always catch big fish?”, this was a message that I received from someone a few weeks ago that inspired this article.

I scrolled through my business account on Instagram, and it dawned on me that the impression given is just that.  If I were looking from the outside in, I would think that there are just big fish hitting the net on every outing without a lot of down time in between.  Well, guess what?  That is very far from the truth!

I’m here to tell you that even though I am fortunate enough to spend a crazy amount of time on the water guiding anglers on our local Stillwaters, we are definitely not always catching big fish.  Want an example?  Last week I guided on a local catch & release, fly fishing only lake in search of big fish.  We fished three and a half hours in the morning without so much as a bump.  Nothing.  Totally blanked.  We eventually pulled the boat and moved to another lake nearby that yielded smaller fish but in great numbers.

Another example?  The day after that I went and did a few hours of “pre-fishing” in preparation of a guided trip.  I fished for 3 hours in the pouring rain, and caught a boat load of fish.  I was so confident in the lake choice, I called my client and told him that we were in for a great day of fishing.  What happened the day after that?  We fished all day and experienced incredibly slow fishing with less than 6 fish landed.  There was no explanation as to why it had shut off overnight, but the point is these things happen to everyone.

Photos that get taken during slow fishing!

If you are not getting blanked once in a while, then you are not fishing enough!  I don’t always have productive fishing, sometimes you do all that you can do and the rest is out of your own control.  Next time you are viewing someone’s social media profile and wondering how they are constantly catching the fish of your dreams, remember that there is a lot that likely goes on behind that scenes that doesn’t make the final cut for social media.

Best of luck on the water this fall, drop your name below if you have any questions or comments!


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