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Don’t Let Confidence Limit You

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Today I realized how easy it is to get into a thought pattern that just because something worked on a certain lake once upon a time, I should always be able to rely on that one method or location to be successful.  Though the lakes themselves do not change drastically the fish that swim them are ever-changing.

I spent three hours this morning staying hung up on methods that had worked in June on one of my favourite lakes.  June!  Did I not realize that these fish have literally had over seventy days since our last meeting?  But there I sat, with complete confidence that the flies I had on were going to get eaten any moment, despite the fact I had gone 3 hours without a sliver of interest.

After talking with a friend of mine, I realized that I was fishing far too deep.  But it was just August, aren’t they still in doldrum mode?  Sure enough, with the indicator set at 10′ madness ensued.  Many fish were hooked up in landed in the short couple hours I had before heading home, this was a great reminder to practice what I preach and always keep an open mind when approaching a lake.  It doesn’t matter if you were there yesterday or three months ago, every day is a new day.

Kamloops Stillwater fly fishing is going very strong right now thanks to cool nights and dropping water temperatures, there are still some dates available for guided fishing this fall!!


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