3 Fly Fishing Blogs You Should Follow Right Now
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3 Fly Fishing Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

Three fly fishing blogs that provide some of the best fly fishing content available on the internet today!

We are so lucky to live in an era that provides an unlimited abundance of knowledge at our fingertips.  On our laptops, on our smartphones, we can literally access almost any piece of information imaginable.  Those that are willing can learn so much about the sport of fly fishing just by taking a few minutes each day to read through some instructional articles.  These are three blogs that are incredibly worth hitting the “subscribe” button on!

Gink & Gasoline

fly fishing blog

Operated by Louis Cahill, a professional photographer and writer, Gink and Gasoline has long been one of the fly fishing industry’s premiere blogs.  A great balance of stories, photo content and instructional material puts Gink & Gasoline at the very top of the list!

Deneki Outdoors

deneki outdoors

Deneki Outdoors is one of the most recognized operations in the fly fishing industry.  Not only do they operate lodges and camps in British Columbia, Andros Island, Alaska and Chile, their blog content is absolutely fantastic.  In my final year of high school, for every hour I spent doing schoolwork I likely spent four on the Deneki blog.  Hats off to Deneki for continually pumping out excellent fly fishing content!

Moldy Chum

moldy chum fly fishing blog

You could rack your brain for three lifetimes and never conjure a better blog name than “The Moldy Chum”.  In reference to the furry mold-coatings that Chum salmon acquire after long periods of decay, Moldy Chum is loaded with informative fly fishing content that is dusted with humour and character.  Moldy Chum also puts on many great giveaways and is very conservation-minded.

There you have it, the three blogs that soak up more of my time than I care to admit!

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