Fall Stillwater Fly Fishing in Kamloops, BC
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Fall Stillwater Fly Fishing in Kamloops, BC

Crisp morning air, leaves transitioning to vibrant shades of gold, yellow and red, fall is a special time of year.  Each year when the water temperatures begin to drop back to their prime levels and fish become active after a hot summer, it is amazing to me how overlooked this fishery is during the months of September and October.  Do not make it seem like this is upsetting, it is much more enjoyable showing up to my favourite lakes and having the launch to myself.

Fish will often be found cruising shallow marl flats in the fall searching for bloodworms, scuds and leeches.

Scenery aside, what is the fishing like on our local waters in the fall?  Nothing short of excellent.  The Kamloops area is such a hot commodity during the months of May and June, most believe that those are the only months worth making the trip to visit interior stillwaters.  The good news?  Fall fishing is equal, on some lakes better, than the springtime fishery.

As water temperatures settle with cooler mornings and evenings, fish will become very active during the day.  As fall progresses, water temperatures will continually drop and fish will be seeking out staple food items in shallow water.  A typical September day will consist of very similar chironomid tactics to a day of fishing in mid-May, while late October will closely resemble a day of early spring stillwater fishing with leeches and scuds on shallow flats or tight to edges and dropoffs.

Our fall guiding season is now underway, and this is a fishery you truly owe yourself to experience!  To inquire on a guided trip, drop your name and contact info in the form below.


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