7 Christmas Ideas for the Fly Fishing Fanatic
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7 Christmas Ideas for the Fly Fishing Fanatic

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Don’t make Christmas shopping for a fisherman any harder than it has to be!

“How do I shop for someone that already has everything?” is a question that circulates fly shops as Christmas approaches.  For every fisherman who has everything they need, there are thousands that could always use a few odds and ends.  Here are 7 fly fishing items that the angler in your family would be delighted to find under the tree!

1) Scientific Anglers Tippet 

scientific anglers fly line

One item that never goes out of style is tippet and leader materials.  Tippet makes a great gift as there is no such thing as too much!

2) YETI Rambler 26oz.

yeti ramblerWhether you’re holding a hot cup of coffee, soup, a cold beer or a long island iced tea, YETI’s Rambler series is a perfect gift for fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

3) Simms Flask

simms fishing productsWinter is here, which means that the first winter-run steelhead are making their entrance into our coastal rivers.  Wintertime fishing can be unforgiving to say the least, we won’t judge if you have a nip from one of these painted flasks to warm the fingers!

4) This is Nowhere by Jeremy Koreski

jeremy koreski

A master behind the lens and a very pleasurable person to work with, Jeremy Koreski’s new book “This is Nowhere” seamlessly blends creativity and passion.

5) Scientific Anglers Mastery Series

scientific anglers fly lineIf a friend or family member is an avid angler, chances are their fly lines have seen better days.  Scientific Anglers Mastery series lines are affordable and come in a range of weights and tapers.  A new floating line is a worthy investment that will last for seasons to come!

6) ZEAL Optics “Big Timber” Sunglasses

zeal optics sunglasses

A quality pair of polarized sunglasses makes fly fishing much more enjoyable.  Don’t find yourself constantly squinting to find your strike indicator, or missing shots at a cruising bonefish, Zeal’s AutoSun lens seamlessly adapts to the current light conditions, and makes a great holiday gift.

7) Guided Fly Fishing Trip!

british columbia fly fishing

What’s a great alternative to buying someone a material item? Buying someone an experience! Click here to get your significant other, dad, mom, best friend or fishing partner on the water with us in 2019!

Christmas is coming faster than we think, don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions!



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