3 Tips for Catching Brook Trout
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3 Tips for Catching Brook Trout

Brook Trout, or “Brookies”, are a member of the char family and inhabit many lakes throughout the interior of British Columbia.  They fight differently than a lot of our rainbow trout, preferring to hang underneath the boat over launching themselves into the air.  Typically the runs consist of short bursts, typical with many char species.

Here are 3 tips to help you target these beautiful fish:

Find The School

Brookies love to school up.  Once you have found one, you have likely found a whole pile of them.  Once the action dies off, don’t be afraid to move around short distances to try and locate another school.

The unmistakeable markings on an Eastern Brook Trout

Fishing Shallow Water

Brook trout can often be found in very shallow water.  I have never found water too skinny for them to feed in, fishing into water shallower than 4 feet is not uncommon.  Sometimes they will sit so far inside a patch of reeds that they are totally inaccessible with a fly, but fishing right along the edges of weed beds and dropoffs will often yield results.

Pay Close Attention

Brook trout typically grab the fly much differently than rainbows.  You will typically not see takes where your indicator drops like a rock, rather it will often submerge just under the surface for a few seconds.  Brookies love to eat chironomids, damsels, leeches (especially white marabou micro-leeches) and various attractors such as blobs and boobies.

Have a great long weekend everyone, if you have any questions or want to get some time on the water this spring drop me a message below!  Happy fishing.



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