3 Tips for Big Stillwater Rainbows
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3 Tips for Big Stillwater Rainbows

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Chasing big fish is far from a cake walk, but the reward always outweighs the struggle

We are blessed in the Kamloops area to have so many options when it comes to chasing trophy sized rainbow trout. These fish are smart, strong and getting them all the way to the basket is sometimes a tall order. Here are three tips for those in search of bigger fish.

Patience & Persistence – Targeting big fish does not often mean you will be yarding them in left and right. Even the most experienced stillwater anglers will battle through days of one, two, and sometimes zero fish. Keep the right perspective and know that this is a waiting game.

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Studying the Stocking Reports – Reading the stocking reports and understanding what it takes for a lake to grow big fish can remove a lot of trial and error. Fairly sparse numbers of fish coupled with an abundant food source will grow big fish quickly. Add an occasional, partial winterkill in the mix and you have the recipe for potential double-digit rainbows.

Learn Your Desired Lakes Inside-Out – If you have a lake that you know holds big fish but are having a hard time locating them, don’t give up after the first couple of trips. There is a lake in the interior of British Columbia that I struggled with for years, until I began realizing that 90% of my successful days were fishing water six feet or less in depth. I have since gained a new confidence, and look forward to paying it a visit every year.

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