3 Reasons Blob Flies Are Great
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3 Reasons Blob Flies Are Great

The first time someone gave me a “blob” pattern to try I didn’t know if I should put it on the end of my line or in the garbage.  What on earth could possibly drive a fish that lives solely on insects to eat this strange ball of bright material?  It still puzzles me how a fly that is so simple can prove so effective year after year.  Here are three reasons you should always keep your blob box handy:

  1. Simplicity at the Vice – A blob that consists of only one colour can realistically be tied in 45 seconds.  There are no wing materials, no hackle, not even any wire.  It is just what the name states, a blob of material.  There are plenty of materials being used today but I have had a hard time finding a better one than UV Gel Fritz.  The option of colour combinations for these flies is endless.

  2. You Can Bobber Fish Them – In a last-ditch effort a few years ago during a very slow day I hung a UV Orange blob under an indicator 5 feet down in 7 feet of water.  I didn’t even have time to wonder if I was crazy before the indicator dropped.  This pattern continued to produce fish when nothing else was for the rest of the afternoon.

  3. Slump Buster – Blobs are a great option when fish are inhaling clouds of Daphnia (zooplankton).  When fish get keyed in on micro-organisms it can become very frustrating.  I don’t know if they eat blob patterns due to the resemblance in colour to a cloud of Daphnia or not but I will not argue the results!

Soon we will go a little more in-depth on various blob patterns, until then feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions!

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